This was an eight-week long solo project.

Tranquill helps users distance themselves from excessive phone use by providing a digital platform for creative mindfulness and relaxed productivity.

It aims in making users aware of how much time they’re spending on the their phones, and encourages them to do something about it in a calm, artistic, creative, and productive way. This is achieved by nurturing 3 creative skills which are reading, writing, and drawing, activities that aid in relaxation. 


Problem ︎

So much of our time is unnecessarily wasted due to excessive phone use.

We could be doing something more productive, interesting, and with personal and emotional gratification. Ultimately, it makes us less mindful of our space, time, and ourselves.

This aspect of losing self awareness and mindfulness is the angle I wanted to focus on because we lose so much of our ‘meʼ time when weʼre too caught up on our screens.

The iPhone provides a thorough “Screen Time” that details the time spent on the screen, but what happens next after realizing the time ‘wasted’ on screen? I wanted to go the next step further and create a solution to encourage users to distance themselves from their screens.  

The main objective is to help users get back into that phone free space, and thatʼs why I created Tranquill, which I call a space for relaxed productivity.

Research ︎
The challenge for me was to create a product that would not only inform of the amount of time spent on the phone, but also encourages one to decrease it while pursuing creative outlets and calming modes of inspiration and relaxation.

So how can Tranquill alert users of these periods spent in a fun, useful, and productive way?

Users can engage in fun and relaxing productive activities in the same amount of time he would have previously spent scrolling on Instagram.

These 3 mindful activies are reading, writing, and drawing, which are proven to have meditative effects. In addition to engaging in them, users can challenge and prompt friends with prompts, and share their work together.

Personas ︎
I then conducted interviews and generated  personas to understand the pain points and goals of users who have trouble staying away from their phones. I mapped potential user journeys to further understand possible solutions and systems Tranquill could utilize.

Userflows ︎

UI Kit ︎
Calm landscape paintings served as an inspiration for what I call a ‘tranquility trip’, and texture ripped pieces of paper, and the tactility of an intimate journal were also visual materialities I referred to. This visual moodboard allowed me to establish a UI kit as seen below, to be implemented onto the wireframes.

Final Outcome ︎